Cert4Trust – digital and secure validation of documents

Welcome to Cert4Trust – Cert4Trust ensures tamper-proof handling and trustworthy validation of digital certificates using blockchain technology.

Already 102.864 documents verifiable!

Simply test the document validation with Cert4Trust

Do you want to try out how document validation works with Cert4Trust?

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Download the sample document.
2) Directly save the document on your computer.
3) Go to the web application.
4) Upload the document into the web application and answer the security question.
5) Select “Check document” and get an immediate result.

Benefits at a glance


Validation service is open for direct and easy usage through our web application and every standard web browser.

GDPR compliant

Only the hash value, no personal data is stored or handled by Cert4Trust.


By design open to multiple participants, automated processes and secure connection with third party APIs.


Blockchain technology ensures a high level of transaction security at minimal cost.


Minimal energy consumption due to proof of authority

Founding partners

The founding partners have joined forces to form a cooperation that is at the heart of Cert4Trust. Together we stand for quality and security. With the help of our application, issuers of certificates and diplomas can confirm their documents digitally and make them verifiable.

How does Cert4Trust work?

To make documents verifiable, we convert them into a string (the hash value) and store it in our distributed database (blockchain). With the help of the blockchain, the hash values of certificates and credentials are not stored on a central server, but on the servers of our founding partners and kept up-to-date. This makes them harder for hackers to attack.

About us

You can find out more about our project in the following documents.

Project proposal (PDF)
One pager (PDF)